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'Hootie' Proxy Attachment Sherlock Set

'Hootie' Proxy Attachment Sherlock Set

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The Hootie PuffCo Proxy Attachment Sherlock is expertly crafted from the highest quality Borosilicate glass, featuring intricate lampwork for a sleek, stylish look. Enjoy a safe, secure proxy attachment every time.



  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Artistic Forest Design with Mushroom
  • Included Hootie Proxy Ball Cap 
  • Designed for use with PuffCo Proxy Device. 


Height: 2.15"  Width: 5.35"  Weight:  118 Grams



  • Individually Hand Crafted Art Piece.
  • Limited Quantity and Availability.
  • PuffCo Proxy NOT Included
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